It was awesome! They picked us up, drove us to departure zone, gave us instructions on what to do and what not to do; we started the journey and it was more than expected, it was a combination of everything that Luis made possible, we flew through the sugar cane fields, once we were at over like a 1500ft he would suddenly go down on the sugar cane fields and fly over them really close and we could feel the morning dew splashing in our faces, it all just looked gorgeous from up there the weather was great also and the sunrise looked like it was taken out from a movie, I recommend to do the morning trip although sunsets in Punta Cana are breathtaking.

When we landed a van picked us up in the fields and took us to their ground where we were received with a beautiful breakfast with delicious homemade butter and cheese, Don Luis served us great! Luis also was a great host making some magic tricks, it all felt very family like and towards the end he told us about the history of hot air balloons like how it was created and how they started experimenting which were things that I didn’t know and i found really interesting to learn about while I was having this experience finishing up toasting to bubbly champaign. Overall experience was awesome and I totally recommend it. It should be #1 attraction in Punta Cana!

5 Star Rating

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