TAIWAN. The Dominican Republic participates in the Taitung Balloon Festival, represented by the tourist company Dominican Balloons, which has received great attention and admiration from the public for its hot air balloon, a replica of a cathedral, which also displays the Dominican flag on land Asian

The pilots Elías Leonardo and Luis Leonardo are in the Festival of Balloons of Taitung with the striking retort, that also will take to other festivals of the world in representation of the Dominican Republic. In September he will be exhibiting in Turkey and in November in León, Mexico.

Balloon festivals have become tools highly valued by some countries with the intention of drawing international attention and increasing tourism. Taiwan International Balloon Fiesta, has been established in just five years, with the participation of the State and the private sector, as the longest festival in the world, lasting a month and a half.

Dominican Balloons is currently the only hot air balloon company in the Caribbean, placing the country at the forefront of tourism.

By 2016, the Leonardo family hopes to have the support of the Dominican State, through the Ministry of Tourism, and the private sector, to organize the first Balloon Festival in the Dominican Republic, which aims to become a distinctive brand and tourist attraction.